#1 Reading Response

This is my first reading response to the essay ” A New Paradigm: Toward a User-Centered Social Sector”


New forms of collaboration

Collaboration is certainly not new to the social sector, but there is great promise in new models that make smart collaboration easier.

The method of getting funding would change graduly.

investing organisation → investing project

Hence, smart collaboration will be easier. And the quality of investigation will be better.

Disruption through technology

Technology has driven huge changes in how we as citizens and consumers live our lives…

The social sector has not yet grasped the power of the network…

First, organizations must shift from thinking about their own apps and solutions in isolation to seeing them as products on underlying platforms, along with many other products. Second, funders and investors must recognize that they cannot scale startups or digital products in the nonprofit sector in the same way the tech sector does; they have to approach scaling differently. And third, most importantly, we must embrace user-centred design as the basis of all successful tech products and put the primary constituent’s real lived experience at the heart of everything we develop.

  1. Organizations need to understand their role in the whole picture. Their own apps and solutions in isolation to seeing them as products on underlying platforms, along with many other products. Position self lower could be difficult. Have to say here is a chance, too. Who can realise it earlier, who can have a further plan.
  2. Old judgement shall be changed. So what is the new scale? What standards will be used? If we can catch up with them. Services could find a place to live.
  3. user-centred. But not only user-centred. A successful service should consider all the participatants. So I think user-centred here, the user means all the people involved.

Putting the puzzle together

Focused investment. The funds will bring promising social sector solutions to scale, help the private sector adapt its solutions to social sector markets, and innovate where there are gaps.

Social sector as a main charactor made a market firstly, then private sector is brought in to the market. Private sector need to adapt to the surroundings here. In his theory, private sector stands on the second level. It is enslaved to the market formed by social sector. 

And innovation could happen to the gaps between the two sectors.


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