RR Collaboration improves quality of public services

all references and images come from https://www.liveworkstudio.com/articles/collaboration-improves-quality-of-public-services/

Rethink citizen relationship

Schools, hospitals and prisons efficiently deliver public services at scale. However, these organisations are reaching their limits to further improve outcomes for their users. After people go home, it becomes challenging to ensure that learning, health or rehabilitation continues when they are on their own. Therefore, providers of public services need to rethink their relationship with citizens.

In my previous understanding, public service bahaves in a totally different way. If we think it as service provider and service reciever, it works much more similar to the commercial service. Hence, considering the relationships between them become for sure.

If we think the public problem in this way, we could gain huge inspiration. Yes, I know the goverment has a lot limitation. But it does not matter. We just regard it as normal service provider who does’t have money, but want problem to be settled. Things will become easier.

Succeed on their own

After we as citizens ‘go home’, it becomes our own responsibility to continue learning or stay healthy. There are limits as to how much the state can do to direct or manage what we do ‘at home’, let alone the effectiveness. How can governments empower people to succeed on their own?

Run the new service by the citizens themselves. The government will work much more easier.

Collaborative public services

A key benefit of collaborative public services is that people are taking more responsibility for their own outcomes. To collaborate is to engage with citizens effectively. Evidence shows that empowering individuals to set their own goals and to manage their own care has a positive effect.

Put citizens at the heart of services

When people are given more control over how they use public services, they tend to be more conscious of not wasting resources and use only the services that add value to them. To support people in creating their own positive outcomes, public service providers need to share their goals with citizens and engage with them in a meaningful way.

Collaboration also means engaging citizens to build their community together. The citizens are no longer the service users. They become a part of service providers. They support themselves. Once they have the ownership and become a host, their attitudes to the community could change.


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