RR Servicing the sale


After-sales customer experience

Retailers, both online and physical, tend to focus on creating customer experience between the moment customers are interested in your products and the moment they make the purchase. In fact, this is a relatively small part of the customer lifecycle. People actually spend much more time on using the products after the purchase, and retailers should also focus on this part of customer experience. The impact on bottomline could be significant.

After-sales stage could help increase sales

Multi-, cross-, omni channel

Staff make physical stores unique

As technology and mobile payments facilitate self services even at physical retailers, it frees up staff to do something else – offering fantastic services!

In-store staff must be trained to provide expert advice on the products and services. Customers cannot get that online. Staff should also be trained to help customers complete transactions and navigate the channels, from websites and physical stores to call centres. Ultimately, staff are the representatives of your brand who directly communicate with customers. A good relationship built this way is likely to last long after the visit.

The brick-and-mortar store shall change into an intergrated centre.


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