Design Experiment- Scenario

Today I launched a design experiment with two participants.

After a daily routing interview, I summarised a object of study’s direct touchpoint in daily life. Then drawing the direct touchpoint on the hardboard. Cutting the images and putting them on a table. This small schedule is working to make the storyteller get out of her real life and think of her life in a overall aspect.


As a real person, it is hard to get rid of one’s real life. Hence, during the interview, the interviewer should prepare more specific questions to guide the interviewee.

FEEDBACK/ FAIL EG: “For the transportation part, is there any unsatisfied part bother you? Could you please image what would happen to improve it?”

“If you ask me in this way, I would think what I could do to improve in. It’s my fault to cause the situation. If I know you want to discuss something more about the emvironment surrounding me. I would give you different answer.”

When interviewing people who realy in the situation/ problem, it is better to use more concrete question to guide them.

Otherwise, chosing another people asking him to play as the people in the problem is another way. When doing role play, the player could tell some holistic feeling, which to the real stakeholder is easy to ignore.



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