GDF Presentation

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Dear classmates,

An exciting experience of Pecha Kucha 20 20 😬

I shall be very grateful for any of your feedback!



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  1. I have finally come across your presentation’s post and I found even more interesting reading it again with more time.
    First of all, I appreciate the introduction part since I see some connections with my 5 trends (so it’s like the opposite for me). I think the integration of service and the close “introduction” of users in our field is something that will affect ourselves deeply. I would like to discuss it better in our class since we are part of it!
    However, I have had some troubles to connect this introduction with the provocation experiments. I have got the point where you tried to test this general and big trend with real people, but I think you might need to choose a specific context where it (your trend / introduction) is making bigger changes for you. (like music, travelling, fashion etc.).
    I hope my comment is clear but I will be happy to explain it better if you need it 🙂

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