RR chapter Value Propositions


In this chapter, the subtitles are “Getting the job done”, Design, Brand/status, Price, Cost reduction, Risk reduction, Accessibility, Convenience/usability. 

I used to think accessibility and convenience are the efficiency of service delivery. But this article here generalise them as value proposition directly. The example he gives is powerful.  It shows accessbility is a value.

NetJets, for instance, popularized the concept of fractional private jet ownership. Using an innovative business model, NetJets offers individuals and corporations access to private jets, a service previously unaffordable to most customers.

Generally we describe the greatest advantage of Apple is user experince. But here the covenience becames a core value proposition, rather than just a assitant using experience.

Convenience/usability making things more convenient or easier to use can create substantial value. With iPod and iTunes, Apple offered customers unprecedented convenience searching, buying, downloading, and listening to digital music. It now dominates the market.




Customers may nd value in the simple act of using and displaying a speci c brand. Wearing a Rolex watch signi es wealth, for example. On the other end of the spectrum, skateboarders may wear the latest “underground” brands to show that they are “in.”

Brand/status itself has value.


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