Design Thinking via post-its

<How Design Thinking will fix Design Thinking> This article was written by Bert Brautigam and was made possible by extensive contributions by Pamela Mead.

“Design Thinking is being widely misunderstood. It is often associated exclusively with the design discipline or seen as a creativity tool that involves an enormous amount of post-its.”

Products empower humans and enhance human abilities. In that sense, products are extensions of the human. Design is the discipline responsible for exploring human challenges and developing solutions that - in a broader view - help expand humanity itself.



This post-its practice is aimed to discuss ethics in design. It could be an example to explain what the thinking behind the tool is. In the coordinate, the X axis marks as three stage, design process, design outcome and inderect outcome/ impact. And the Y axis is from least important to most important. 

Each student is asked to write down the considerations on the post-its, and put them at the right location where you think is reasonable. Then all the students are sepetated into 4 groups. Each one relocate the post-its. The second person gives first person suggestions. And the third person gives suggestions with a boarder view, who is trying to see the whole pattens.

After relocation, the students are asked to use orange or pink post-its to write down implemented considerations.

Finally, the students are asked to write down the posible solutions, which are specific and related to the real life.

On the board, the coordinate maps out the question, stage and importance. In the process, the considerations/ design factors iterat three times. Hence, the result of this discussion could be more profound than just thinking.

But what I would like to emphasis is that design thinking is not in the process. The most valuable part is how can we design this practice. I mean, why do we discuss this question in these three stages? Why do we itarate the post-its three times? And also what are the requrienments/ considerations of writing down a new post-it?

From a guest lecture given byPaola Pierri ,”Design thinking is never in the process. It is a thinking how you approching the problem.”

Paola Pierri, PhD Researcher in Service Design at London College of Communication and UCL and Service Design Programme Manager at Mind


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