RR How Corporate HQ Can Get More from Innovation Outposts

<How Corporate HQ Can Get More from Innovation Outposts> byAlessandro Di Fiore  https://hbr.org/2017/05/how-corporate-hq-can-get-more-from-innovation-outposts

But for the organization? There were no processes and systems in place to integrate the outpost team with the company HQ and the rest of the organization. That meant that although the outpost team had struck gold, there was no means of sharing it among the rest of the firm. The company risked losing the value it had invested to create. And, indeed, that is what happened. Some of the outpost team were hired by local companies or joined startups. Most of the absorbed knowledge — local contacts and relationships, intelligence, insights, and so on — left with them. The company no longer has any operations at all in Silicon Valley.

1An exellent organization is under the risk of revocation because of the detachment.

How to increase the value of new outpost? To prevent detachment doesn’t mean collaboration in every minutes.  Valuable feedback could be reasons for the existance of outposts.

Do not foget to show my loyalty to my mother company. Otherwise, my team would be cancelled. 将在外,没空也要记得表忠心。


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