RR How to Become a Coach or Consultant After You Retire

This is a reading response. All the images and quotation text come from <How to Become a Coach or Consultant After You Retire> by Dorie Clark at https://hbr.org/2017/05/how-to-become-a-coach-or-a-consultant-after-you-retire

Do a skills analysis. Over the years you’ve probably become an expert in your field. But becoming an independent coach or consultant requires a suite of entrepreneurial abilities on top of your subject matter knowledge. If you’ve given yourself a sufficient planning horizon, you can take the opportunity to bolster necessary skills, such as public speaking and social media. (I’ve created a free self-evaluation tool kit to help you determine where it’s most fruitful to focus your efforts.)

I used to refuse to do a skills analysis. On the cv, they are different wheels or bars, which is trying to tell my ability. For ai, ps, and css for most job hunter, they have similar skill level. They would not tell some thing they cannot do. Things on the CV is the most common skills, which always the similar. Hence at that time, I think skill analysis bar is a time-wasting stuff.

WX20170516-095106@2x this image from http://graphicdesignjunction.com/2016/10/free-resume-templates/


But here, for a senior professional, he still need a skill analysis. I start to think that the skill analysis is not about how to present my abiliy. It is something helping myself understand my ability and my resource.


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