Value gap between service designers and bussiness orgnisations

After a college collabration with Decathlon, I get some personal opinion.

For service designers, a preconcept is that service concept is the most important thing. But for a business orgnisation, usable solution is the most important part when they hold an bidding project. Here, the value propositions of the two characters is different.

Service designers believe successful service concept could ask for minimum cost but work as hight cost. Because they believe that the most important part of their service concept is changing the dynamic between people. So they emphasize how people do things, rather than through what to make thing be done. They also believe that for a sustainable service, the core is using what the orgnisation have to deal with problems, which means setting service (like a App or website) is not nesassary. All above reasons lead to the result, the service designers present a perfect service cocept, in their own view. But for an outsider, it is just an empty idea which is hard to understand.

31494972625_.pic副本For the idea now, is not direct to use. The idea is waiting for adaptation and then implementation. From the service designer’s view, this is the most valuable deliverable. But from the business orgnsation’s view, something still need to be adapted means an unfinished

In this situation, gap seems to have two ways to solve. One is keeping designing until supplying a perfect directly usable service solution. This is ask service designers jump the gap and stand at the same page with their clints. Another one is to improve the concept selling skill, which is trying to make the clits understand the service concept and pay for it. This is trying to engage the clits jump over the gap and stand with service designers.

jump sd&bo


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