First face painting giving

During the Stirling Scottish Marathon 2017, I become a free face painter in the event. I treat 24 people today.


TIPS for next time:

  • Kids between 4-7 has most interests in face painting.
  • For kids during this ages, they like Hello Kitty, Spider Man, Butterfly. Practice more about this will be helpful.
  • Preparing a book with different patterns is good for kids to choose. ( They will really choose a pattern from the book, and their expectation is exactly like the picture they see.)
  • Adults like small scale patterns.



Different feedbacks:

“You don’t need to pay for it. It’s free.” “I know, but I want to give you a donation. Thank you for doing this.”

“Do I need pay you some money?” “No, no, it’s free.” “Oh thank you so much. Can I give you a hug?”

“What do you need to say to this lady, Sophie?” “Thank you~”

The feedbacks from people who enjoyed my face painting service are different. It could be a donation, even I emphasize it is free. It could be a hug. An old lady gave me a hug I could really feel her appreciation. It could also be a thanks. Sometimes when the little girl saw her new face, she would say “thank you” with a sweet smile. Sometimes the little girl would say “I like it”. And sometimes, I could see the mother was teaching her daughter to be polite. She reminded the little girl to say “thank you”.


For atmosphere:

The whole surrounding of marathon makes people be crazy by adding patterns on their face.

People would follow their friends and colleagues to decorate themselves, even they don’t have the plan at beginning.



Such a sweet day! : )


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