First face painting giving

During the Stirling Scottish Marathon 2017, I become a free face painter in the event. I treat 24 people today.


TIPS for next time:

  • Kids between 4-7 has most interests in face painting.
  • For kids during this ages, they like Hello Kitty, Spider Man, Butterfly. Practice more about this will be helpful.
  • Preparing a book with different patterns is good for kids to choose. ( They will really choose a pattern from the book, and their expectation is exactly like the picture they see.)
  • Adults like somall scale patterns.


Different feedbacks:

“You don’t need to pay for it. It’s free.” “I know, but I want to give you a donation. Thank you for doing this.”

“Do I need pay you some money?” “No, no, it’s free.” “Oh thank you so much. Can I give you a hug?”

“What do you need to say to this lady, Sophie?” “Thank you~”

The feedbacks from people who enjoyed my face painting service are different. It could be a donation, even I emphasize it is free. It could be a hug. An old lady gave me a hug I can really feel her appreciation. It could also be a thanks. Sometimes when the little girl sees her new face, she would say “thank you” with a sweet smile. Sometimes she would say “I like it”. And sometimes, I can see the mother is teaching her daughter to be polite. She ask her daughter and remind the little girl say “thank you”.

Such a sweet day! : )


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